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Jennifer24 Offline
#1 Posted : Monday, October 18, 2010 5:13:11 PM(UTC)

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Hi there- I saw the Gypsy at Micheals for $149- I think its a great deal- heres my question: I just bought a laptop to use my CDS with- that way my husband cxan use our desktop. So now I am ableto use my CDS anywhere I go. I even take my laptop to work and design stuff on there. sine this deal on the gypsy is almost to good to pass up- how and why should I get it? Would love your opinions! Thank you!
Loving3boys1girl Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, October 18, 2010 5:54:03 PM(UTC)

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If you don't have many of the cartridges, its a great deal! It comes with 2 and then you will get 6 more on Nov 1. At $149, it works out to $18.75 per cart! I couldn't pass that up. I always said I'd never own a gypsy (DS was just fine for me!) but I couldn't pass up this deal considering I only had 1 of the carts and wanted both the Gypsy ones AND 2 others. They're retired carts and I'm not having luck finding them cheap enough.

I just registered mine and tried playing and was disappointed. I felt I could do more with DS. And then I ran the updates. OH MY what a difference! I need to see what all the symbols mean but I figured out quite a bit just playing with it for about 30 mins this morning. My DH is building me a scrap room in the garage so I'm loving that I can have my gypsy there and not have to deal with bringing my machines up to my pc to play with DS.

If you have most the carts and are perfectly content with DS and your laptop, I wouldn't say its a necessity for you but if you don't have the carts and have the money to spend, its worth it just for the carts alone. You can still use your DS for most your LOs and only use the Gypsy for the carts that come with this deal.
GrammyCris Offline
#3 Posted : Monday, October 18, 2010 8:15:33 PM(UTC)

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I did the same thing, had DS, bought a new laptop and loved it! Then DH gave me the Gypsy for my BDay last year and my poor laptop is a dust collector! The Gypsy is so easy to take to work with me, take on trips, take to appts.....I can't imagine not having my Gypsy around now! And I think it is easier to use than DS and can do more things......at this price go for it! $149 and 8 new carts? How can you question it?
djscrappiness Offline
#4 Posted : Monday, October 18, 2010 9:17:05 PM(UTC)

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I bought mine just last week and I'm already hooked. I bought an Imagine (the night they were unveiled on HSN) and was 99% convinced I would be sending it back. I was leaning towards getting an Expression, and knew I would want something to use with it. I gave the "I" one last chance to redeem itself at a retreat over the weekend, but I was just not pleased with the performance vs. price paid, so I was really glad I had grabbed the "G" for $149. I am in the process of buying an "E" this week, so I should be up and running by the weekend. If you go to You Tube and do a search for My Pink Stamper videos (there are many others, but I just happened to be looking at hers tonight...), she has a few from last year, when they were first introduced. She doesn't go into a lot of detail, but enough for you to see how easily they can be to use - and so portable! Another thing to consider - if something were to happen to your laptop, more than just your Gypsy/Design Studio/Cricut would be affected. For me, taking my laptop from place to place, for the sake of my Cricut, is a pretty expensive risk to take. If something happened to the Gypsy - worst case, stolen or completely destroyed - it could be replaced relatively cheaply, and, I'm told, Provo Craft will allow 1 upload of your carts back to your Gypsy. I've already found accessories for my G on ebay - for much less than in the stores - and they should be coming in this week. Now that I think about it, ebay has a listing for a G with several cartridges already linked to it - and with the 6 coming Nov. 1, it would be a total of 11 - and they want $199. for it. The price dropping so dramatically has some people worried that PC is going to be coming out with something even slicker than the G, but we'll just have to wait and see, I guess...

I vote YES - go get ya one!!!BigGrin BigGrin BigGrin

BTW - The Imagine went to the UPS place today, headed back to HSN.
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mrstruss on 10/19/2010(UTC)
Scrapin-Shelf Offline
#5 Posted : Monday, October 18, 2010 9:31:09 PM(UTC)

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I also said I didn't need a Gypsy. In fact I have six jukeboxes that may either go on Craigs List or in storage. AND I am concerned that whenever I buy something, tomorrow something new comes out.

It took me awhile to figure out how to register and download, and an extra trip to Michaels as I could not find the stylus. I felt really dumb when she pulled it out of the holder.

I'm now starting to download carts. It's taking awhile as I have about 50 of them. But it sure will be nice to not have to drag all of them to the crop on Saturday.
biscuit Offline
#6 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 4:56:01 AM(UTC)

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I ordered the gypsy yesterday from cricut machine - it was $169 with the extra carts (paper pups, christmas cheer, TBBM and All Mixed Up)and then will get the uploads after Nov. 1. I couldn't pass it up! I did make my order up to $202 in order to get the free shipping since I was going to pay $13 for shipping anyways! I would order!! Laugh
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mrstruss on 10/19/2010(UTC)
scrapsprite Offline
#7 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 6:10:34 AM(UTC)

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I didn't think I would end up with a Gypsy either. My DH bought me a new MacBook Pro laptop which I love but I had to run DS through a virtual machine on it and found that it was cutting slower and required me to fiddle with the settings everytime. So my solution was to get the Gypsy and now I'm hooked. I like the idea that I won't have to take my laptop to crops. I love the fact that I can take the G anywhere and instead of reading a book in bed, I take my G and make designs!LOL

I also think that in the future there will be continued support/updates for the G but maybe not for DS (so many feature requests have already been pushed aside) - that's just my thought and certainly nothing that's been said officially!
MELM Offline
#8 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:03:17 AM(UTC)

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I agree with all these ladies! I was also perfectly happy with my DS...don't go to crops really.....BUT with the extra carts I took the plunge this weekend! I am happy to say I did. I haven't had much time to play with it but I will say there is one feature that makes a big difference from DS and that is the grouping feature! When designing this really makes things go faster. As much as I love DS this one option may make me a G convert! Just something to think about.

LiveLaughScrap Offline
#9 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:19:53 AM(UTC)

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The carts are inside the G. That way you don't have to carry or interchange the carts everytime you want to use a different one. They are all always there - so convenient.
Another thing is about how often the updates for CDS are coming out. I think they are udating the G faster.
Smaller than carrying around a laptop.
I love my G - so it's hard to not have something to like or want about it in my case.

joyfullycrafting Offline
#10 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 2:54:55 PM(UTC)

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I'll jump in!

I got DS last fall. Used it a little but, but it too much work to transfer my computer from room to room, even if it is a laptop. I had to unhook everything, then hook it back up.

Got a G in January. LOVE IT!!!! I convinced DD to get one with this amazing promotion going on.

I was in J's today and overheard a lady talking about how much paper she wasted getting her cuts to look like she wanted. So, I did my best to sell her a G! And made a new friend.
arat Offline
#11 Posted : Tuesday, October 19, 2010 7:04:00 PM(UTC)

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I have DS and just purchased the Gypsy. I Love the Gypsy. It has so many neat features and you can take all your carts with you! Also, I am not sure if this is my imagination, but it seems to me that with the Gypsy, my cuts come out much neater! Do any of you find that to be true?
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