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~~L*I*N*D*A ^I~N^ C*O*L*O*R*A*D*O~~ Offline
#1 Posted : Monday, October 04, 2010 7:44:26 AM(UTC)
~~L*I*N*D*A ^I~N^ C*O*L*O*R*A*D*O~~

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People seem to be posting their frustrations about the Circle, responding for being picked at for being in the Circle, feeling offended for a perceived division of the original chat group etc.. Some people are genuinely perplexed about the emotionalism that is running rampant. I'm going to attempt to speak to the confusion and encourage empathy on both sides...

Why are the Non-Circle Members off-ended?
Think of how these momements might feel...

1. Initially we all had only one place on the PC boards to chat. Now we have two.
Most of us only have a finite amount of time to "chat" and share. That time is now being divided by those who chose to join the Circle and those who did not. (I'm missing out!!)

2. Have you ever been in the presence of others where someone in the group began speaking to someone else in a language that you did not understand?
Even if they translate it after-the-fact, you don't REALLY know what they said.
(Is that really what they said or are they talking about me?)

3. Have you ever had someone in your presence whisper something to a third person?
(Are they talking about me?)

4. Have you ever tried out for a play, team, etc. and done your best to fit in and been told, "no, you're just not good (strong, pretty, thin, smart) enough."
(I've tried but, I'm not as good/rich/blessed as they are)

I think that's how people who, for whatever reason aren't in the Circle feel. Circle members can you relate?

I'm just trying to postulate how others might feel.
Mind you, when I did the math on what PC was offering, I thought they were nuts! LOL It just didn't seem worth it to me and they didnt' trip my trigger with benefits. So I waited. (keep reading)

The Division comes from where many divisions come from -- choice, personal standards and (yes, I'm going to say it) economics.
Just like in our classes of society, none of us infinite resources
So, just like there are classes of shoppers at Sams club (credit card owners, business owners, individuals) there will be classifications of users of the Cricut, Board and other things.

I may have purchased every known PC product ever sold (I think I have LOL)
But Circle Members, imagine how this might feel...
Maybe (opportunity for EMPATHY coming up here) I've just purchased my Cricut and now I don't have the money for the Circle's annual membership cost. To that end I might be upset if I thought that now there was even MORE money that I had to spend in order to have access to (see the first line) more information. Uggh! Right??

Ah, but wait, let me speak to both sides...

For those who feel left-out or offended or puzzled by this perceived new class of crafters (Non-Circle Members)...

1. Have you ever moved (you or your children) to a nicer neighborhood, daycare, school because you wanted a nicer, safer, more convenient one?
(I've worked hard and I want better)

2. Have you upgraded from your any other manual die cutting system to the Cricut or Cricut Expression so that you could craft more? faster, more intricately?
(there is more and better, I can afford it and I want it -- MINE!!)

3.Have you ever purchased a new(er) car because you wanted something nicer? bought a second car for enjoyment or convenience?
(that is nicer, it will look good on me and I want it)

4. Have you ever replaced a perfectly good purse, appliance or piece of jewelry for the sake of aesthetics or convenience? or better still, have you ever added a purse to your current purse collection?
(One is nice but more is better, I'm getting it!)

5. Have you ever purchased anything that you WANTED but did not NEED?
( This is better and I've worked hard; I deserve this)

Those five things are options that not everyone can exercise. Would you want people to question your solidarity, intelligence or resent you about your purchases? Probably not.

Well, this is the same thing. You bought what you bought because you wanted to and because you could -- for your own enjoyment without regard as to whether your friends and neighbors could mirror the same action.


PC is here to make us feel all yummy inside -- ... only to the end that we trade them our hard earned money. It has been said so many times before but, here goes - -ProvoCraft IS a BUSINESS. They can and they did offer this upgraded (Beyonce's song comes to mind) pay to chat, Blog, etc..

Yes, I think it divides the group to a degree,Glare but this regular chat thing is effectively FREE to anyone -- even non-purchasers of PC products and has been so for years. There has to be a tipping point between sales and maintenance of the boards and web pages. If people are willing to pay-to-chat so be it. It's like that dishwasher, E, 2nd car or purse that most of us have in our posession.
You got it because you had the option and because it was available to you.

Really, if the Circle is truly off-putting to you the best thing is to write to PC directly. It does no good to side-swipe, side-eye or question the intent of the people who wanted to buy that shiny new car, purse Wink

Circle Members, this pro/anti-circle thing won't stop on it's own. There are fewer of you than there are of us non-Circle Members. Maybe you could band together and vow not to respond to the inciteful posts that keep the flame wars going.
Maybe you could agree to come up with some marvelous pat statement that would pass on links to inform generally interested members of how to answer their circle questoins and simultaneously freeze any further posts from another Circle Member on that particular thread? I guess that's the Polly-Anna in me coming out.
I'm not suggesting that anyone stop talking but these threads and are and can be AWFUL and hurtful to many both in and outside of the Cricut Circle.

Okay, I'm done. Honestly, I want this to be the shortest thread on the entire board. LOL If you can relate to anything I've written here, just hit the "Thank" button or PM me. If you don't like it... well, read it and DON'T hit the Thank button. It'll show up in the metrics. If it gets out of hand, I'll just do my best to delete the entire entry or I'll report it MYSELF and ask PC to delete the thread. I'm only trying to help and maybe encourage a little, "understanding the other persons side" into this ongoing stuff-ness!

All, please feel free to post and re-post and re-post this. Maybe it'll kill some of the nonsense and we can get on to CRAFTING Smile !!

I just had lot of coffee and I just want to HUG everyone Crying LOL Crying LOL and say let's all get along and ...

Happy Crafting!
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farmscraps Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, October 04, 2010 10:15:22 AM(UTC)

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Very well said..BigGrin And might I add..with your long post looks like you might have had an extra cup of coffee this LOL morning..
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~Pamela~ Offline
#3 Posted : Monday, October 04, 2010 10:35:56 AM(UTC)

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Wow you must have had a bunch of coffee! BigGrin

I really don't have any hard feeling about the circle, I didn't join simply because I didn't want to tie that much money up at one time. The way I look at it is the people that are joining the circle are doing us all a service. The more money PC makes the more great products they can offer, and I might be able to afford those since I didn't join. But I am a "the glass is half full" kinda girl! Live and let live, don't get me wrong there are tons of things I would like to have that I can't afford but that isn't REALLY what life is about right? We always say people first, then things.

Narelle Online
#4 Posted : Monday, October 04, 2010 5:36:54 PM(UTC)

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Great job on explaining both sides Linda!
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~~L*I*N*D*A ^I~N^ C*O*L*O*R*A*D*O~~ Offline
#5 Posted : Saturday, October 09, 2010 7:46:09 AM(UTC)
~~L*I*N*D*A ^I~N^ C*O*L*O*R*A*D*O~~

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I tried not to but case and point...


SonyaAppel Offline
#6 Posted : Monday, October 11, 2010 8:59:11 AM(UTC)

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Thank you for your contemplation of the issues. I am one of those who cannot afford the circle now, even on the payment plan and still have enough money for supplies. So I choose to continue to be able to purchase supplies to craft. I would also love to meet with others who craft with their Cricuts, socialize, make crafting friends and projects together. But, if most or all who are meeting are in the circle and it is exclusive then I am not going to be able to join.

That is the case that I have here in Houston. I met some lovely cricut ladies at the scrapbook convention a few months back and the group had made tenative plans to meet in the future. Circle membership was not discussed as a requirement. I didn't hear from anyone and then saw on youtube that they had met. I emailed one of the ladies and she sent me the flier info for the next meet. But, here is my problem, it was for circle members only and one guest to see if they might want to join later. The member had to pay for their guest. As I had not been invited by a member to come as a guest and I cannot afford to join the circle, you can see where that left me, out. Reason will rule over the emotion of not being allowed to join in the group. It is what it is, a members only club. No different than any other, pay to join club. You either pay to join or don't (can't). I will not make assumptions on the motives, feelings or desires of those who have paid to join the exclusive club or their choice to keep it that way. Just like I won't drive up to a country club and demand that they let me join in without paying, or determine that they are elitists because they don't want me in because I didn't pay to join.

The OP hits the nail on the head about all of the issues and divisions, emotion. It is the feeling that those who are not a part/cannot be a part of the circle are "left out", "shut out", "not picked/good enough for the "team"". Let reason rule, don't let these feelings determine/dictate or dictate how your friendships with those in the circle are. Do you get mad at the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) for you not having the pedigree that you need to join? Do you have friends that are in groups, clubs, coutry clubs, etc that you are not in, and still are friends? Same here. If someone does happen to truly be ugly about an elitist attitude about the circle/and you not(which I am sure would be a very miniscule minority) then why would you want to associate with them in the first place? There are a lot of nicer, kinder people out there. It is hard to not feel "left out" at these times but we are not in school anymore and can reason and understand the reality of the situation. We will never be a part of everything everyone else is, free or not.

Those of us like me are left with the option to start a free group with those who don't/can't pay, if there are any who are want to/able to do so. Same one we had before the circle started. You can still meet and craft together and you can still associate and be friends with your circle friends just like before. Even though I will not be attending the Houston circle meeting, I will not think less of those who do, or will I assume they think less of me for not joining. I have and will contiue to wish them happy crafting!
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