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coolmom Offline
#1 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 12:21:23 AM(UTC)

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I bought my first Cricut within a month of the very first launch. I have had or do have pretty much every machine they have made and almost 300 cartridges. But I have seen for some time now a diffeant kind of Cricut.I guess for me it started about the time of the suits against 3rd partys that we won't name.
But my first tears came when Imagine went by the wayside. Now the gypsy is on the list of never agains as well as Yudo, and Your Story. Now I read tonight that the Rewards program is most likely on that same ill fated train out.

Does anyone else see that the Glory Days of Cricut by Provo Craft are gone forever.?

Sadly I have a small fortune invested in these products. I love my Cricuts. Almost as much as I hate CCR.
For over a year now I found myself say words like, Use to you could... or There was a time when... when talking about Cricut.

I am not sure why I am writing this. Not to complain, just to state that one day , I think soon, I am going to log onto Cricut.com and get a "server not found" message. And that makes me feel like I am loosing an old friend.

Does this make anyone else miss the Glory Days?
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Calmom on 5/6/2013(UTC), Scrapperdee on 5/6/2013(UTC), cricaholic on 5/6/2013(UTC)
LazyBee Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 12:45:03 AM(UTC)

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I don't know if I would say I miss the "old glory days", but I do miss the excitement I used to get when something new would come out or the feeling I used to get when I would talk about my new favorite toy. In many ways much of how I feel about Cricut and PC in general has a great deal to do with PC itself and the many changes that have come about. I do worry that one day they will go by the wayside because of not just the changes in the industry but more importantly the changes we have seen in the last couple of years. The demise of the Imagine, Gypsy, the lack of customer support, the lack of product in the store, the less than honest answers to questions we asked, the waiting,waiting, and waiting for promised updates to come to fruition... the list is legnthy. And even though PC has tried to appease it's customer base, much of it has been a bit late in coming...and hasn't change the way many feel about this company. It is apparent PC has an image problem because of the changes. Do I want to believe they are attempting to make themselves a strong company, sure. I would love to see them succeed. But there is just this nagging feeling that all is not well, because of the changes we keep seeing, and frankly PC has made some decisions that have driven long term loyal customers to move on. The writing is on the wall...the question is can PC pull the rabbit out of the hat and turn things around...we will see.
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Calmom on 5/6/2013(UTC), Scrapperdee on 5/6/2013(UTC)
ellamap Online
#3 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 6:42:03 PM(UTC)

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I'm taking a chance of being called a PC cheerleader again, but I think this company is turning around. They have given credits for mistakes they've made. I don't think they are sitting on their hands. I bet you they are coming up with the next big thing! I don't believe they would have brought in new people to run things if the ultimate goal was to fold.
I'm just going to sit back and wait. If I'm wrong then you all can say I told you so!! Lol!
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Narelle on 5/6/2013(UTC), Scrapperdee on 5/6/2013(UTC)
bugalooney13 Offline
#4 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 7:14:44 PM(UTC)

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I remember getting to meet a lot of wonderful ladies, having a lot of laughs and enjoying a lot of enabled shopping trips. We all shared the good and the bad. Yes the drama beast reared its head we all knew when to stop feeding it or bury it down a page or two.
Glare Laugh

We helped each other, and when we lost some we held together. Personally I will always remember Marty, and her sudden call home. The card faeries show much love to a dear friends father who was very ill, thankfully he is doing well to this day. I appreciate all the prayers we shared when we had our prayer forum.

The constant people I continue to meet who love a little green bug and all he does is wonderful.

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Scrapperdee on 5/6/2013(UTC)
Narelle Offline
#5 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 8:27:56 PM(UTC)

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I think the best is yet to come! Cool
Di&Co Online
#6 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 9:38:00 PM(UTC)

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Well, I just happen to think that things and people change over time. Back then, Cricut was something new and exciting because as far as I knew it was the only machine that could make these wonderful sizable die cuts (in my world anyways)

Everyone would go crazy making wonderful cards with a few carts. It was fun.

Now, we have a lot more carts to choose from. I can find just about anything I want on a cart and if I dont have it, I can buy a digi cart and download to my gypsy instead of waiting three weeks to get the cart through the mail. Hmmmmm...for sure an improvement. I still prefer a physical cart though.

I prefer having a machine that works with no bugs than a whole bunch of machines that have tons of glitches. I think PC is changing to give us that.

And you know what? I still get a thrill after popping in a cart in one of my machines and make a beautiful cut to finish a card or a page. I have a gypsy, an E2, a pink E, a back up Create and my all time fav, my baby bug. It is still my machine of choice after all these years. I still love to hear the beep when it starts and I love making wonderful cuts with it.

Actually, for me, it really hasnt changed much at all. Still love my bugs and I still find them just as wonderful.

It's all a matter of perspective.BigGrin
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JoyceG on 5/7/2013(UTC)
colorjunkyarts Offline
#7 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 10:59:23 PM(UTC)

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I thought and said I was sure they were going digital. I still think that is what the future holds. Just think of the cost savings for them. No stock to handle or store. No fixing machines with problems. Now as our loved machines stop working we will be forced to use CR and digitals or what? I LOVE my Gypsy and my E.I love getting carts. On the other hand I have never liked the CR or digitals so I don't use them. My Gypsy is so much friendlier. I don't know what will be our future. I think they will find more than enough new users to make up for those of us who miss the Glory Days of PC and they will have no idea of what they missed. I don't think this reply will be allowed to stay here but here's to all of you who will miss the GLORY DAYS.
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Calmom on 5/6/2013(UTC), Scrapperdee on 5/6/2013(UTC)
Calmom Offline
#8 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 11:33:54 PM(UTC)

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At one time Cricut was the best. I use to run to the MB every morning to see ideas, referrals to complimenting accessories, friends, celebrations, get together, etc. I couldn't wait to see what Cartridge would come out next because I had to have all of them. I couldn't tell my family and friends about how wonderful Cricut was, fast enough.

My #1 reason for purchasing my very first Cricut, which was at launch, was that it did NOT require a computer or the Internet. There were many Die Cut Machines out on the market but the Cricut was the first stand alone machine. I believe that majority of us who purchase their first Cricut Machine wads for that very reason, NO Computer & NO Internet.

What reason would a customer purchase a Cricut Machine today, when their future is Digital Only. Why wouldn't a customer purchase another Digital Die Cutting machine that might be cheaper, cut cleaner and have more images available?

Here is why PC is no longer the best:

Dishonesty, failure to be truthful
Inferior Product
Failure to correct Machine problems
Way too many Updates and several Updates destroyed the software in the machines, mainly Gypsy
Designing & selling a Machine (Imagine), unable to get it to work properly, then discontinue
Reward Points actually meant something, now your lucky if you can find anything, no Inventory
Becky, Bug Guide was wonderful, she answered everyone's questions promptly, a true asset to PC
Too many Machines came on the market too close together, bugs were never worked out, prior
PC laying off qualified IT personnel
PC forcing CCR onto customers, regardless if they liked it or not.
PC diminishing the Circle to just about nothing, they should discontinue it
There is too much division between Circle and Non-Circle MB's
No seminars, conventions, crops, sponsored by PC, they have made a fortune for loyal customers
PC selling their product at inflated prices when subsidiaries sell it at 50% off
No Incentive for Loyal Customers
No longer care about their customers, more concerned with bottom line

I love my Cricut & Gypsy machines and will continue to use them but I have also added another Digital Die Cutting Machine, knowing the direction PC is going, Digital.

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LynneF on 5/7/2013(UTC)
cricaholic Offline
#9 Posted : Monday, May 06, 2013 11:40:06 PM(UTC)

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Wub OH YES!!! Those were the days......
ThumpUp I've been a member for 4 years and I don't know what that is in Cricut years but it's not good....
Crying PC is on life support its organs (Imagine, Gypsy, DS, etc) are beginning to shut down..Sad its been to long I don't think they'll make a FULL recovery....Sleep time will tell.....
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bugalooney13 on 5/7/2013(UTC)
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