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Leahdax Offline
#31 Posted : Wednesday, January 02, 2013 8:08:58 AM(UTC)

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I use Design Studio, so I prefer the physical carts. If the digi carts were stored on my PC, then I would be more inclined to purchase them. I would also be more inclined to use CCR. I don't like having to be ONLINE to craft. If CCR is down or my internet is down (which has been happening a lot lately), then I'm screwed. I have enough trouble finding time to scrap and designing layouts, so when I finally get to the point where I can cut I want to be able to cut.
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Scrapperdee on 1/2/2013(UTC)
Soo Offline
#32 Posted : Wednesday, January 02, 2013 8:31:38 AM(UTC)

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I do pretty much all of my cutting via the Craft Room - which has been pretty reliable for me. I can't recall a time in the past 5 or 6 months when I've gone to use it and haven't been able to.

In the last year I've bought more digital carts than physical - because they tend to be cheaper for me, and available immediately. So I'll often design something and if I need an image or font I don't have I can get it right away and keep going. But I'll still buy physical carts - just bought Fontopia when I was in Canada because I got a good deal!

If someone could deliver carts to me for the same price, and next day (I realise immediately for physical carts isn't possible!) I'd prefer them - but unless that happens I expect I'll continue to invest in the digital carts.

~JD~ Online
#33 Posted : Wednesday, January 02, 2013 11:15:40 AM(UTC)

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I definately prefere a physical cartridge. Although during Christmas I did order a few of the digi card cuts which I love.
I don't think I would ever totally go digital.....I do use CCR for every cut I make these days & before that I used DS, which I still use now & then.
I don't think I would remember how to cut without CCR or DS. :)
Sadie77 Offline
#34 Posted : Wednesday, January 02, 2013 1:59:03 PM(UTC)

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At the end of the summer my Cricut stopped interfacing with my computer and I was unable to use Design Studio or CCR. I bought a new Expression for Christmas and I am up and running again. The problem with my old expression was the port that hooks up from the Expression to the computer had shorted out. I could still use my Cricut manually with all my cartridges and that tied me over for a few months. If I had been dependent on the computer in any way, I would have been out of luck. Physical cartridges only for me. :)
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Scrapperdee on 1/2/2013(UTC)
SimplyStaci Offline
#35 Posted : Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:27:53 PM(UTC)

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I posted this about a year ago when digital was launching and I still live by it.

However, I have linked my carts to CCR because I own all of them this makes it so much easier. I am a fan of design studio not CCR so I still use it as well its all about preference!! I do not buy the digital carts for me it feels like an empty purchase. I need a physical item!

Here is my original response to digital!

I consulted my cabinet of carts.

I was informed by a landslide jury decision that if the physical cart is not available they don't want them in their collection.

They don't like anyone being left out and if a new one comes along, the drawers start banging in the middle of the night until it finally arrives and is safely seated in its position. I can not tell you how many sleepless nights DH and I have gone through with the dogs howling at the carts and the carts hollering at the mail box, and Everyday Cricut holding watch for UPS and Fed X

But this was different I am told.

They referred to the digital carts as "Impostor's" and a few other less fortunate names!

I was shocked that George and Basic Shapes used such language seeing how he is in charge and was in the drawer first.

But that's the word, and they said life would be difficult if I started bringing those "THINGS" to the table everyday.

I did individual jury polling!
Baby Bug, and Expression are still nagging for Gypsy to come stay with us, Cake Doesn't Care, and Pink Journey well she says she has other problems to worry about.

Word Collage is a little ticked at CCR she got sick and had to go see Expression to get better and that was irritating because Deep Cut Blade was at the recycle plant and waiting for his replacement to arrive.

Paper Dolls, Hannah, Hello Kitty, and Mickey could do nothing but laugh I never really got a decision from them. The Schools really like to follow protocol and don't like parents butting in so they said it was up to the president.

Mothers Day Bouquet simply replied "It is what it is Dear" Fathersday asked who's (&^^*&%$#$&ssss did he need to kick I assured him this was not necessary but I did appreciate the sentiment.

All Solutions except for Wild Card,go figure, said they felt empty and incomplete and were glad that they mattered to me.

CDS is shaking in her boots she's so afraid she will be come the redheaded step child.

New Testament rolled over and reminded me to make sure she had two gold coins to "Cross The River Styx", as apparently she believes death is near. I assured her this is not so!

The slightly snotty group CM were mostly worried about their space and wether they would have to live in the hard drive. Billionaire butted in by telling them he would share his space with them, I just shook my head. Really!

Everyone else was in agreement and kept quiet and just nodded. Daisy Chain swears she should have never been born and was the result of a cruel and heartbreaking joke pleading for her vote to matter.

Cricut Essentials did have the final word. He said "that I should remember the kind words of the Oakie Lady Bug, Love us but lower your expectations....". He reminded me it doesn't matter when we get here or when we leave whats important is what we do with our dash!

We are going to be just fine!
HelloTink Offline
#36 Posted : Thursday, January 03, 2013 9:05:49 PM(UTC)

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I prefer physical carts, but I do enjoy using digital content on my gypsy. I can't get Cricut Craft Room to work for me and crafting is supposed to be fun! I don't want to stress out about my lack of tech know and issues with CCR. I like the freedom to take my gypsy and my cricut to a crop or a weekend away and cut away. I don't want to deal with wifi connections, etc. when I'm at a crop. I just prefer not to have to use a computer when I craft. Smile
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Scrapperdee on 1/4/2013(UTC)
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